What's MVR Monitoring?

MVR Monitoring is a service that checks driver license records continuously (i.e. every day, or every month) to find new suspensions, violations, convictions, etc. The service allows companies to stay informed on their employees' driving eligibility and risk profile. Previous violations/suspensions on an employee's driver license could be a good indicator of future performance.

For example, a driver with a record of DUIs could expose a company to liability. This is especially true if the driver is convicted of another DUI/DWI while involved with a vehicle crash using a company-owned vehicle. In this case, the company could be held liable for negligence and be responsible to cover costs that go beyond what's covered by the auto insurance.

Embark Safety created a driver MVR monitoring system that sends automatic email alerts whenever new activity shows up in a driver's record. This minimizes the risk of drivers with suspended licenses going unnoticed before it's too late.

How MVR Monitoring Works

Learn how the driver license monitoring system works

In addition to driver MVR monitoring, the driver management system allows you to manage:

  • Drivers' MVR reports
  • DOT DQ and consent files
  • License & medical certificate expirations
  • Personal insurance information

Before Embark Safety, our company manually ran MVRs and had to print and read through each one in order to identify violations. Since upgrading to this system, it has been such a time saver since violations are flagged making it easy for us to act quickly with corrective action. We also love that notifications can be sent out if a license is about to expire, keeping everyone up to date. I would highly recommend Embark Safety, the program is easy to use, and customer service has been nothing but outstanding!

Claim Coordinator
TOMRA North America

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