How does your company control non-owned auto liability exposure?

  • July 12th, 2014

There are about 30-40 million drivers who run errands for their employers using their own vehicle. This is the so called “Grey Fleet”. This group of drivers represents one of the single most at-risk group in business. Employers often don't realize they actually have a "fleet" and are liable for on-the-job driver performance and not immune from liability. Also, employers with grey fleets mistakenly think than an employee's own insurance coverage will protect the company from on-the-job crashes.

Companies should establish non-owned auto liability controls similar to those established for company-owned vehicles. Controls should include: driver license validity, proper insurance coverage and training.

Most of our customers monitor the driving records of employees who drive their own vehicles for business. This allows them to better understand driving behaviors and reduce liability. We take a more comprehensive and monitor records continuously, as opposed to the traditional record check once per year or when employees are hired.

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