Driver Self-Reporting

How Your Company Can Avoid an FCRA Lawsuit?

FCRA compliance ligations has risen with a 42 percent increase in the last three years alone. Well-known companies like Uber, J.P. Morgan, and Avis saw multi-million dollar settlements for FCRA noncompliance issues.

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Trucking Traffic

Have Medically Unfit CDL Drivers?

Failure to renew a DOT physical results in an automatic CDL suspension from the driver’s state Department of Motor Vehicles. If involved in an accident while driving a commercial motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license because of an expired DOT physical, the driver could lose their license for life.

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Mitigate Risk Reduce Cost

How-to Keep Fleet Insurance Premiums Low

Insurance underwriters are scrutinizing fleet operations more than ever. If you are tasked with managing a fleet of drivers, no matter how big or small, how are you ensuring they are driving safely on the roadways? Do you trust them?

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Drving Records are Obsolete

3 Reasons Why Driving Records Are Obsolete

Driving record pulls are like pay phones, floppy disks and dial-up Internet – they’re obsolete. Yes, fleets can still obtain annual MVRs. And yes, you can still pay to get Internet through a landline phone. But why would you when there are better, more innovative options available?

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Annual MVR Checks

Annual or Quartely MVR Checks: What's Enough?

Motor vehicle record (MVR) checks are the basis of any fleet safety program. MVRs not only provide companies with peace of mind, but they also provide key insights into an employee's driving history.

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