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Driver Record Management & Monitoring System

The monitoring of our employees' driving records has added a new layer of risk management that we didn't know was possible. In addition, we saved over 40% in MVR checks on annual basis, as a result of no longer running MVRs in states that offer the continuous monitoring service.
- Risk Manager

The biggest value we've been able to get out of using the driver record system is to monitor records on an ongoing basis. Not only has this saved us money, but we now have a consistent process to check records and catch suspended / expired licenses.
- VP, Human Resources

Your MVR system has allowed us to streamline the process of reviewing drivers' records for the whole company. Having over 150 drivers in 8 states, the MVR manual review process used to take us about a week of work, and we had to do it twice per year. Now it takes us less than two hours biannually. I highly recommend the system for companies with multi-state operations.
- Director, Fleet & Purchasing

1-800 How's My Driving Program

Establishing a How's My Driving monitoring program was the first step we took in building a new culture of safety throughout our fleet operations. It immediately paid dividends in getting our people in the field to understand they weren't operating these vehicles in a vacuum, but in somebody else's home or community. That made our people immediately more aware & accountable for the safe operation of our fleet vehicles.
- Fleet Manager

We've been able to reduce accidents by over 20% in over a year of using your bumper sticker monitoring program and the driver online training. We turned comments from the public into useful insight to provide the proper training and to avoid accidents. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with the outcome of this safety initiative and plan to continue using of these services for years to come.
- VP, Insurance & Risk Management

In the first few months of using the 1-800 how's my driving, we were surprised by the amount of calls we received about our drivers. Aggressive driving was the most common complaint we received, which was alarming to senior management. Comments about our drivers have been a very helpful tool for identifying drivers with poor performance. With the help of your staff, we were able to establish procedures to enforce our vehicle safety policy and improve the habits of our drivers.
- Safety Director

Online Driver Training

We tested different training providers, and decided to go with yours because the training offers advanced driving techniques that aren't common to most commercial drivers. I can tell with certainly that our drivers have developed new skills to be safer on the road and to pay better attention to their surroundings in order to avoid accidents.
- HSE Manager

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