Driver Monitoring Solutions

As a business executive, you know how costly it could be if one of your employees had an on-the-job vehicle accident: lost time, vehicle repair, injuries and, tragically, maybe even death. According to NHTSA, the average cost to an employer when an employee is involved in a vehicular accident is $16,500; if the employee is injured, that cost rises to $76,000; if they are killed, it skyrockets past $500,000.

Fortunately, accidents are predictable. Defensive driving and other common-sense steps go a long way in preventing them. But you can’t be with your drivers on the road. So how do you reinforce the importance of safe driving, even when you can’t be there?

Embark Safety's Driver Monitoring Solutions aim at preventing dangerous and costly accidents from happening by not only pinpointing and tracking irregular driving patterns, but also giving our customers the resources to remedy these problems before it’s too late.

Driver Management Services

Driver MVR Monitoring

The Driver License Monitoring connects with DMVs across the country to monitor drivers' licenses continuously. System eliminates the risk of waiting until the next driver record check to find surprises, such as DUIs/DWIs, suspensions, etc. System will automatically email supervisors with:

  • Newly issued driver citations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Suspensions / Revocations
  • CDL medical certificate expirations
  • Driver license expirations
  • And more

1-800 How's My Driving

The 1-800 How's My Driving program is a cost-effective way to monitor drivers and receive real-time feedback about driving behaviors. The program works as 24/7 active warning system that allows supervisors to take immediate action to identify high-risk drivers. Benefits include:

  • Increase employee accountability
  • Reduce accident rates by identifying risky drivers
  • Raise driver safety awareness
  • Reduce insurance cost as a results of fewer claims

GPS Vehicle Monitoring

The GPS vehicle monitoring system offers industry-leading telematics technology to track and monitor drivers' behaviors along with vehicle performance. System offers and plug-in and play implementation with instant results. Intuitive applications allows users to customize capabilities:

  • Real-time asset locations
  • Routing & vehicle history
  • Speeding, hard braking, idle alerts
  • Driver and vehicle reports

Safety Driver Training

Safety driver training offer 30 lessons of interactive training deliver over the internet. System allows users to complete training anytime, anywhere. Online training provides advanced driving techniques designed to provide drivers with the critical advantage of avoiding dangerous situations.

  • Affordable web-based training
  • Advanced driving techniques
  • On-demand training (pay as you go)
  • Learning Management System (for administrators)

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