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Drivers with suspended licenses?

The number of citations on a driver's MVR are directly correlated to higher accident risk

What's MVR Monitoring?

Embark Safety developed a system that monitors employees' Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) continuously and notifies managers when new violations and suspensions appear in a driver's record.

System links directly with state licensing agencies (DMV) to monitor changes in driver licenses and find adverse actions that may expose your organization to liability and accident risk. Once new violations or suspensions are found, system sends automatic email alerts to notify administrators of new activity. Summary with new notifications can be accessed via our secured and robust user interface 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's MVR Monitoring
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Why Monitor Driver Records?


Suspended drivers have a crash rate that is 14 times higher than other drivers. Companies are ultimately liable for employees' actions.


Loss of driving privileges due to accumulated convictions results in unqualified drivers operating on the roadways for longer without the company's knowledge.


Driving is the most dangerous activity performed by employees. It only takes one employee with a suspended license to jeopardize the reputation of any company.

Driver System Benefits

Nationwide MVR Search

Driver Management System gives you instant access to motor vehicles records in all 50 states. Records are available immediately after each request.

  • All Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) are electronic and standard across all states.
  • System archives all historical MVRs and are accessible through secured-system 24/7.
  • System lets you add notes to document activities on drivers' records.
  • Automate the frequency of MVR to monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually checks.
Automatic driver record review
Customize MVR check frequency

Driver Information Management

The Driver Management System works to streamline the administration of drivers' information, such as driving records, driver training, DOT qualification files, medical forms and much more. The centralized system allows you to add any information about your employees; thus eliminating the need to administer different systems to manage drivers.

Administrative Reminders

Keeping track of your drivers' license or medical certificates expiration dates could be a daunting task. In addition, information is often stored at someone's computer in a spreadsheet. The Driver System allows users to receive automatic email reminders 30 days in advance of drivers' license, CDL medical certificate and auto insurance expirations. This feature reinforces your compliance with federal regulations, while eliminating the risk of employees driving with expired licenses.

Document Archiving

System allows you to archive and categorize documents per driver. Categories can include: driver consent form, driver qualification files, EPN documents, general documents, License photocopies, medical forms and state release forms.

MVR pre-screening

Driver management system streamlines the driver record review process. System automatically pre-screens driving records and systematically assigns a color score based on the MVR history and license status. Drivers with clean records are color-coded as GREEN. Drivers with suspended/revoked licenses are color-coded as RED.

  • Eliminate the tedious task of printing and manually reviewing driving records.
  • Single out drivers with the most violations for closer review.
  • Color-scores are automatically updated when new violations are discovered.
  • Simplify record administration and document management.
Automatic driver record review
Streamline administration and reduce costs

MVR Scoring

The versatility of our system allows you to automate driver profiling based on your own MVR point system. You can define the time frame (three to five years of driving history) and assign points to violations based on the severity and/or frequency. We can build an accumulative scoring grid that will automatically update and adjust points as new violations occur. MVR rating allows you identify borderline drivers who can be warned of their status and coached before they fall within the poor category.

MVR scoring is ad-hoc and can be customized to meet your company's drivers manual, SOPs or insurance requirements.

MVR Point Scoring
MVR scoring & rating grid

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor vehicle records are a snapshot of an employee’s driving history, which could include violations, suspensions, CDL information and others. While MVRs are a great tool for pre-screening drivers, it provides information that is good only for the day the record was pulled. Employers are often exposed to liability if an employee has accumulated new moving convictions or unnoticed suspensions.

Continuous monitoring takes a proactive approach to find new suspensions and/or moving violations as they occur. Employers are notified as soon as a new activity appears in a driver’s record.

A study conducted by California's Division of Motor Vehicles looked at accident-risk factors through analysis of driver record information. One of the main conclusions of the study is that accident risk increases as a function of the number of accidents and citations on a driver's prior record. Of the two, prior citations are slightly superior as an indicator of subsequent accident risk.

Driver MVR monitoring allows employers to identify new citations before high-risk drivers can jeopardize your organization's safety profile and image.

License continuous monitoring is in many cases cheaper or the same as running annual MVR checks. Contact us to receive a cost analysis for your organization.
Coverage varies by state. Contact us to learn the specifics for your fleet.
The frequency varies by state. Some states offer daily monitoring while others weekly or monthly.
The MVR monitoring system sends automatic email alerts when new activity is found in a driver’s record. The email alerts will include information that allows the administrator to use the system’s interface to review the employee’s information.
The system automatically downloads the driver’s license expiration and medical certificate expiration once a MVR baseline is pulled. System sends email reminders 30 days in advance of expirations dates.

It only takes one employee with a suspended license to jeopardize the reputation of any company. Gaps between MVR checks could expose a company to additional liability, especially if an employee is involved in an accident while driving for the company with a DUI/DWI.

Continuous license monitoring is a more proactive approach to mitigate accident risk and potential lawsuits as a result of high-risk drivers. Schedule a demo to learn more about MVR monitoring.

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